Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2010 US Senate Races revised.

Likely Takeover
Missouri(OPEN-Bond-R)-Likely Democratic nominee Robin Carnahan is the clear front runner in the November General Election.
New Hampshire(OPEN- Newman-R)- Likely Democratic nominee Paul Hodes is the clear front runner in the November General Election.

Lean Takeover
Ohio-(OPEN-Voinovich-R)-Either Democratic candidates Lee Fisher or Tim Ryan is favored to defeat Likely Republican nominee Bob Portman.

Florida-(OPEN-Martinez-R)- It depends on whether or not Republican Governor Charlie Crist decides to run. If Crist runs- It is a Safe Republican/Clear Incumbent Advantage. If Crist does not run. It stays a a tossup.
Kentucky-(Bunning-R)- Bunning(R) is likely to lose to Democratic Nominee Lt Governor Dan Mongiorado.
North Carolina-(Burr-R)- This is a curse seat. Burr is likely to lose to likely Democratic candidate Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Narrow Incumbent Advantage.
Pennsylvania-(Specter-R)- Specter has avoided a tough primary challenge but will face a tough general election campaign against US Rep Allyson Schwartz.

Clear Incumbent Advantage
Arizona-(McCain-R)- facing a tough primary challenge.
Colorado-(Bennett-D)- running for a first full term. Republicans will nominate former Statewide losers ex US Rep Bob Schaffer or Bob Beauprez.

Illinios- (Burris-D)- Burris is likely to lose in the Democratic primary to either State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulous or US Rep Jan Schakowsky. Who ever wins the Democratic Primary is favored to win in the November General Election.

Kansas(OPEN-Brownback-R)- It depends on Governor Kathleen Sebelius. If Sebelius runs- The race moves to a tossup. Otherwise the Likely Republican nominee Jerry Moran is the clear front runner in the November General Election.

Louisiana- (Vitter-R)- Vitter is vulnerable but the Louisana Democratic Party is weak.

Nevada-(Reid-D)- Reid is vulnerable but the Nevada Republican party is weak.

New York-(Gillibrand-D)- Gillibrand is strongly favored to defeat likely Republican nominee Peter King.-R.

Safe Incumbent
Alaska(Murkowksi-R)-the real battle in the GOP primary. Murkowski can lose in the GOP primary to Governor Sarah Palin.
Delaware-(OPEN-Kaufman-D)- Likely Democratic Nominee Beau Biden is the clear front runner in the November General Election.
North Dakota-(Dorgan-D)
Oklahoma-(Coburn-R)- vulnerable if Governor Brad Henry runs. otherwise Safe.
South Carolina-(DeMint-R)
South Dakota-(Thune-R)

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